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Armstrong County

FarmThe powerful home of the Electro-Optics Center, Armstrong County boasts leading research capabilities, manufacturing businesses and the many niche industries needed to support those initiatives.  If you seek governmental defense Boatscontract-related business, Armstrong County is a very attractive place to locate.

Business owners get eight free expansion and relocation services from one source, as well, including workforce analysis, site recommendations, transportation analysis, energy/utility services, community profiles, financing assistance, tax incentives and overall coordination.


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Armstrong County Website

Available KOZ's in Armstrong county:

Apollo Industrial Site

Ford City Heritage & Technology Park

Manor Township Business Park


Phonenix Development

West Hills 1

West Hills Additions


Region Map With Armstrong County Highlighted


Justin R. Nolder
Assistant Business Manager
Armstrong County Department of Economic Development
Northpointe Technology Center II
187 Northpointe Boulevard Freeport, PA 16229
724-548-1500 724-545-6055 FAX www.armstrongidc.org jrnolder@co.armstrong.pa.us


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