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Beaver County

Man WorkingJust 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and 5 minutes to the International Airport, Beaver County enjoys the great access to metropolitan amenities and provides the kinds of living choices that can suit just about anyone.  From rural to suburban to a quaint village lifestyle, Beaver County provides an excellent quality of life and affordable housing alternatives.

Likewise, a diverse array of business locations, many of them Eventserved by rail and barge facilities, are searchable from over 150 tracked in our database.  A great location, a proven and productive labor force along with ample power resources and low taxes sets the stage for your company to "Make it in Beaver County".

For More Information . . .

Beaver County Corporation For Economic Development

Available KOZ's in Beaver county:

BET Teach Mill Site 2

BET Tech Mill Site 1

BET Tech Mill Site 3

BET Tech Mill Site 4

CED Riverfront Site

Centennial Properties

Center Place Shopping Center

Lincoln Performing Arts Center


Starting Gate

Temple Ridge

West Gate Industrial Park


Region Map With Beaver County Highlighted


Bob Rice
Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development
250 Insurance Street Suite 300
Beaver PA 15009
Fax: 724-728-3666


Beaver County Corporation For Economic Development

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