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Westmoreland County

ShoppingOffering direct access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 70, Westmoreland County is a worldwide gateway to all markets, north, south, east and west. One of our premier companies, Sony, came to Westmoreland County because it offers the pleasures of suburban living with all the advantages of metropolitan access Golf- low taxes, a low crime rate, an abundant supply of low-cost energy and an excellent quality of life.

We have a fully developed multi-industrial park system ready to meet your business needs, along with several privately owned business parks and free-standing facilities. A public/private partnership of economic development professionals and developers are focused on the continuing and growing our strong business community.

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Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation

Available KOZ's in Westmoreland County:

Vandergrift MSI

Arnold Redevelopment

Lower Burrell Waterfront

New Kensigton Redevelopment Area

New Kensington Riverfront Industrial Site

Valley Vulcan Site

Wilder Business Park


Region Map With Westmoreland County Highlighted


April D. Kopas
Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland
Fifth Floor, Suite 520
40 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Greensburg, PA 15601
Fax: 724-830-3611 akopas@co.westmoreland.pa.us www.westmorelandcountyidc.org


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Westmoreland County IDC


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